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Eat Scrumptious is a line of handcrafted take-home pestos and sauces to elevate your meals. These sauces are lovingly made with the freshest ingredients available. Using locally grown and organic produce

 whenever possible, cold-pressed healthy oils and other quality ingredients. 

I saw a gap in the marketplace for fresh made and fresh tasting, dressings and sauces. Most labels in the store have a long list of chemicals, are loaded with hidden sugars, preservatives, unhealthy fats and sodium. Who wants to eat that?

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I have a passion for food and cooking. I believe in eating real food – fresh, locally grown, organic whenever possible. Quality ingredients simply prepared, don’t need a lot to make delicious meals at home. 

Eat to your heart’s content!  


Eating well is important to me. Farm to Table food is the best way I know of to eat healthier, care for the environment and support small farmers. Less packaging, less transporting, less chemicals makes for a healthier planet. 

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Living in downtown St Petersburg, I feel fortunate to have access to a bounty of local, organically grown produce at our Saturday Morning Farmers Market. The farms are all within about 100 miles from here. Every week during our long growing season, I bring home just harvested gorgeous fruits and vegetables. These premium quality ingredients inspire me to create delicious and healthy meals for myself, my family and friends. I wish to share my inspiration, recipes and soon products, with others. 

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